Tea Town (Permanently Closed)

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Tea Town (Permanently Closed) is located at 412 22nd Ave, Northport, AL 35476, USA
+1 205-765-9057



Friendly folks, good tea!

Tyson W.

I stopped by Tea Town (Permanently Closed) for a quick caffeine fix, but the long line had me reconsidering. The service was slow, and my latte was lukewarm. They need to work on their efficiency.

Avery L.

The coffee at Tea Town (Permanently Closed) was simply divine! The baristas are true coffee experts, and the 412 22nd Ave, Northport, AL 35476, USA location has a cozy, rustic charm. I'll definitely be returning for more.

Kara N.

I stumbled upon Tea Town (Permanently Closed) during my coffee quest, and it was a game-changer. The cold brew was like an icy caffeine punch to the face, and the staff was as cool as cucumbers. Plus, they had board games – coffee and Connect Four, anyone?

Abigail X.

Tea Town (Permanently Closed) left me with a bitter aftertaste. The cappuccino was too strong for my liking, and the pastry selection was limited. Not the coffee paradise I was hoping for.

Nora I.

I can't get enough of Tea Town (Permanently Closed)! The coffee is consistently great, and the atmosphere is so inviting. It's the perfect spot to catch up with friends or get some work done. 412 22nd Ave, Northport, AL 35476, USA is a must-visit for coffee lovers.

Juliet S.

My visit to Tea Town (Permanently Closed) was a mixed bag. The espresso was fantastic, but the seating was uncomfortable, and the Wi-Fi was unreliable. Good coffee, but not an ideal workspace.

Pierce X.

Tea Town (Permanently Closed) is a coffee lover's haven tucked away in 412 22nd Ave, Northport, AL 35476, USA. The cold brew I savored was bold and invigorating, with a satisfying depth of flavor. The café's minimalist design and comfortable seating create an ideal environment for both work and relaxation. The staff's passion for coffee is evident in every cup, making each visit a memorable experience.

Melody P.

I was craving a good cup of joe, so I headed to Tea Town (Permanently Closed) at 412 22nd Ave, Northport, AL 35476, USA. Their vanilla latte was like a sweet, caffeinated hug. The café had this cozy, rustic charm with wooden tables and comfy chairs. It's the kind of place you could spend hours in.

Mia E.

Tea Town (Permanently Closed) is the embodiment of coffee perfection. The nitro cold brew I had was an experience in itself, and the barista's knowledge made it even better. This is my coffee sanctuary.