Donut And Salad Bar

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Donut And Salad Bar is located at 1234 E Butte Ave, Florence, Arizona


Gunner J.

Donut And Salad Bar is my go-to coffee spot in town. The quality of their beans is unmatched, and you can taste the difference in every sip. The baristas are always friendly and eager to share their coffee expertise. Plus, the cozy seating and soft jazz music make it the perfect place to unwind with a good book. Highly recommended!

Yasmine G.

Donut And Salad Bar at 1234 E Butte Ave, Florence, Arizona is a coffee shop that knows how to impress. The flat white I savored was a creamy masterpiece, with a balanced flavor that won me over. The café's sleek design and friendly staff create a welcoming atmosphere that's perfect for catching up with friends or indulging in some alone time. For a top-notch coffee experience, this place delivers.

Oliver M.

Donut And Salad Bar exceeded my expectations! The coffee was rich and flavorful, and the 1234 E Butte Ave, Florence, Arizona location had a relaxed, artsy vibe. It's now my go-to spot for a caffeine fix.

Lily C.

Donut And Salad Bar is the best coffee shop in 1234 E Butte Ave, Florence, Arizona. The cappuccinos are always perfectly frothed, and the staff is welcoming. It's my happy place.

Seth B.

I had the pleasure of stumbling upon Donut And Salad Bar during a recent visit to 1234 E Butte Ave, Florence, Arizona, and it turned out to be a coffee revelation. From the moment I walked in, I was struck by the inviting ambiance, a perfect blend of rustic charm and modern aesthetics. I decided to try their cold brew, which had been recommended by a fellow coffee enthusiast. It did not disappoint. The cold brew was impeccably smooth, with a rich, bold flavor that awakened my taste buds. It was the kind of coffee that you savor slowly, enjoying every nuanced sip. One thing that truly sets Donut And Salad Bar apart is their commitment to sustainability. They proudly source their beans from ethically responsible growers, and they use eco-friendly packaging. It's heartening to know that my coffee was not only delicious but also environmentally conscious. The staff at Donut And Salad Bar were friendly and knowledgeable, eager to share their passion for coffee. They took the time to explain the origin of the beans and the meticulous brewing process, which added depth to the overall experience. Whether you're a coffee aficionado or just someone looking for a cozy coffee spot, Donut And Salad Bar is a must-visit. It's a coffee experience that goes beyond the ordinary, and it's a place where the love for coffee shines through in every cup. It's become one of my favorite coffee haunts, and I can't recommend it enough.

David C.

My recent visit to Donut And Salad Bar had its ups and downs. The coffee was great, but the service was slow. It's worth a visit if you have the time to spare.

Zoey T.

I was expecting more from Donut And Salad Bar. The iced latte was uninspiring, and the seating was uncomfortable. It's a forgettable spot in my book.

Lucas T.

The coffee at Donut And Salad Bar was decent, but the atmosphere at 1234 E Butte Ave, Florence, Arizona was a bit too crowded for my liking. While I enjoyed the coffee itself, I found the bustling atmosphere at Donut And Salad Bar to be somewhat overwhelming. It's a popular spot, but I prefer a quieter coffee experience.

Gabriela J.

I stumbled upon Donut And Salad Bar in 1234 E Butte Ave, Florence, Arizona while exploring the neighborhood, and I'm so glad I did. Their pour-over coffee was legit. It had this rich, earthy flavor that hit all the right spots. The café itself had this rustic charm, like a cozy cabin in the woods. I'll definitely be making this my regular coffee spot.

Emily X.

Donut And Salad Bar is a coffee aficionado's dream. The beans are sourced from exotic locales, and you can taste the difference in every cup. The friendly baristas are always happy to share their coffee knowledge.