Extreme Bean Tempe

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Extreme Bean Tempe is located at Tempe, Arizona 85281


William M.

I had high hopes for Extreme Bean Tempe, but it fell short of expectations. The coffee was bitter, and the service was slow at the Tempe, Arizona 85281 location. I'm not sure if I'll be returning.

Layton Q.

Extreme Bean Tempe in Tempe, Arizona 85281 is a hidden treasure. The espresso I tried was the real deal—bold and punchy. The café's ambiance is cozy, with dim lighting and vintage décor. It's an excellent spot to unwind after a long day.

Hope K.

Let me tell you about Extreme Bean Tempe in Tempe, Arizona 85281. It's a bit off the beaten path, but trust me, it's worth the journey. The cold brew I enjoyed was like a refreshing summer breeze, and it woke me right up. The décor is quirky yet charming, with mismatched chairs and whimsical artwork. The barista even shared a coffee joke that had me in stitches. A must-visit for those who appreciate a good brew and a good laugh.

Ava H.

I was underwhelmed by Extreme Bean Tempe. The coffee failed to impress, and the ambiance was lacking at the Tempe, Arizona 85281 location. I won't be recommending it to friends.

Jolene S.

Extreme Bean Tempe at Tempe, Arizona 85281 is a coffee shop deserving of praise. The espresso I sampled was bold and energizing, providing the perfect pick-me-up. The café's cozy interior and friendly baristas make it a welcoming place to enjoy a cup of joe. It's a spot where you can take your time and savor the moment. I'll definitely be returning.

Evelyn O.

I expected better from Extreme Bean Tempe. The coffee at Tempe, Arizona 85281 was average, and the prices were on the higher side. I had heard rave reviews about Extreme Bean Tempe, so my expectations were quite high when I visited. However, the coffee was only mediocre, and considering the prices, I was left feeling underwhelmed.

Victoria X.

Extreme Bean Tempe is a real coffee lover's paradise. The pour-over coffee I had was exquisite, highlighting the unique flavors of the beans. The barista's attention to detail in the brewing process was evident, and it made for an exceptional cup of coffee. I can't wait to explore more of their offerings.

Alexander B.

Extreme Bean Tempe consistently delivers! The coffee is always top-notch, and the staff's friendly demeanor enhances the experience. The Tempe, Arizona 85281 location has earned its spot as my go-to spot for a caffeine fix.

Sophia W.

Extreme Bean Tempe remains my top choice for coffee. The baristas consistently craft the perfect latte, and the cozy, inviting atmosphere at the Tempe, Arizona 85281 location makes it my sanctuary for relaxation.

Chloe F.

I dropped by Extreme Bean Tempe for a quick caffeine fix, but the long lines and slow service made it a frustrating experience. I expected better efficiency from a place like this.