L.A. Dofee

About L.A. Dofee

Our goal is to offer delicious-donuts , coffee and other sweet treats to the people of Lower Alabama in a family and friendly atmosphere.

L.A. Dofee Description

Neil and Yevette Newlin are the owners of L. A. Dofee. Yevette is a native Mobilian born and raised in West Mobile. Neil is from St. Louis, Missouri . He was stationed with coast guard in Mobile where he met and married Yevette, Together as a faith based couple the strive to give back to the community . Their goals are simple they want to create an atmosphere of nostalgia and culture of Mobile along with family , friends and community of Mobile and surrounding areas. They also want to create a friendly atmosphere with excellent service so that you may sit for awhile reconnect with old friends as well as create new ones. They intend to be active leaders in the Mobile community and look forward to the journey they have before them. Please stop by and enjoy our daily fresh donuts and coffee along with other sweet treats that we will be providing.

More about L.A. Dofee

L.A. Dofee is located at 8683 Cottage Hill Rd, Mobile, Alabama 36695
(251) 631-3611


Rhea U.

Yo, L.A. Dofee in 8683 Cottage Hill Rd, Mobile, Alabama 36695 is where it's at! Their iced coffee gave me the energy boost I needed, and the staff? Super friendly and chill. Plus, the playlist was on fire. This place is officially my new caffeine HQ.

Grace X.

I can't stop raving about L.A. Dofee! The cortado was a revelation, and the cozy seating made it the perfect spot to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. It's a hidden haven for coffee lovers like me.

Sophia M.

I stumbled upon L.A. Dofee and couldn't have been happier with my discovery. The flat white was rich and velvety, and the barista's latte art added an extra flair to my morning coffee. The cozy atmosphere was the perfect backdrop for a relaxing coffee break.

Lily F.

My visit to L.A. Dofee was a revelation. The flat white was a masterpiece, with a velvety microfoam that melted in my mouth. The minimalist decor and tranquil vibes made it an ideal spot for introspection.

Opal W.

I stumbled upon L.A. Dofee during my travels, and it was a pleasant surprise. Situated in 8683 Cottage Hill Rd, Mobile, Alabama 36695, this charming coffee shop is a hidden gem. The iced Americano I ordered was bold and refreshing, perfect for a warm day. The café's relaxed vibe and outdoor seating area make it a great place to enjoy a cup of joe and soak in the atmosphere. It's a spot I won't soon forget.

William S.

I was excited to try L.A. Dofee, but it didn't live up to the hype. The coffee was mediocre, and the prices were steep. I won't be returning anytime soon.

Avery H.

I had high hopes for L.A. Dofee, but my experience at the 8683 Cottage Hill Rd, Mobile, Alabama 36695 location was far from satisfactory. The coffee was bitter, and the service was slow. I won't be returning anytime soon.

Victoria M.

L.A. Dofee at 8683 Cottage Hill Rd, Mobile, Alabama 36695 knows how to make a mean mocha. The rich chocolatey goodness combined with the espresso is pure bliss for any coffee lover.

Nicholas S.

The coffee at L.A. Dofee was a revelation! I couldn't get enough of their specialty brews, and the 8683 Cottage Hill Rd, Mobile, Alabama 36695 location's charming, rustic vibe added to the overall experience. I can't wait to return for more.

Charlotte S.

I stumbled upon L.A. Dofee by chance, and it turned out to be a delightful discovery. The iced mocha was heavenly, and the barista's warm smile brightened my day. It's now on my regular list of coffee stops.